A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Lot of us have disabilities.

I've tried to make a game in which a lot of players can play.

Who can play?
- deaf and hard of hearing persons
- physically disabled people
- people with intellectual disabilities
- persons with impaired
- people with color blindness
- people with a lack of limbs
- people with a team of cerebral palsy

Had no time to add level switches on GameJam so it'll be sooner or later:)
For now:

At start:
- "s" for static / "d" for dynamic

On play:
- "space" for next level / "r" for restart

Install instructions

Required: Eyetracker.

Tobii software version: Tobii-EyeTrackingCore-v2.4.1.5412_x86

SDK: TobiiEyeXSdk-Unity-1.7.480

Developed with: Tobii Eye Tracker 4C but is accessible with some other versions (maybe all) eye trackers.


JustLook.rar 9 MB
JustLookdlaRafala.rar.zip 11 MB

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